6 Ways To Protect Yourself From COVID

Intishar Alam Misbahul
3 min readJan 13, 2021


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With the new Covid variant running amok and cases spiking throughout the world like wild fire, I wonder why few people take precautions against it. I am writing this hoping you earn higher chances of survival against Covid.

Here are 6 ways to guard yourself or people you depend on from Covid:

1. Clean your hands often

Though this may seem to some readers instinctive. I still find people not washing their hands, or they do so but not properly.

So how do you do something as simple as washing hands properly?

The ritual would be to wet your hands with water. Then pour liquid soap on it. Imagine a deformed dough on your palms. Move your hands as if you are trying to make a ball of dough. Occasionally rub through the gaps between your fingers. Do so for at least 20 seconds, put as much focus into it and be mindful when doing it.

Not only are you significantly more hygienic, have less germs on your hands, decreased your chances of infection drastically, you have also improved your attention muscle by being mindful.

Soap is a lubricant and an alkaline solution. Its lubricant property allows the tap water carry the germs away with its current. Being alkaline, it kills germs due to unfavourable pH level. Some are also alcoholic. They just straight up destroy the bodies of germs.

Takeaway: You acquired a weapon against Covid(and a bit of knowledge).

2. Cough/Sneeze in your bent elbow(NOT HANDS)

Why you ask? It is because your bent elbow rarely gets into contact with anything!!!Your hands, however, touches everything(duh). So, if you do it in your bent elbow, you are less likely to infect others. Talk about being considerate!

You can also just spray some sanitisers to your bent elbow. Or just keep a tissue to sneeze(don’t want it to get slimy, do you?).

Takeaway: Become more considerate to others(another weapon to add to your arsenal).

3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Not touching your nose and mouth seems logical. We don’t want the virus to get a free ticket to our lungs do we? But why not the eyes? Doesn’t seem logical, does it?

Your eyes occasionally produce tear(of course…). Ever wondered where they go? Not all of them come out as tears of joy or sorrow. They drain to lacrimal sac called nasolacrimal duct. Guess where it disposes the tears…the throat.

Takeaway: You (probably) learned something new.

4. Limit social gathering and time spent in crowds

The new mutant virus being more contagious, it is best to avoid gatherings and crowds. If it is unavoidable, maintain distance. The virus is airborne.

Limiting does not only help you, but also the elderly around you. Being considerate to others is a virtue of a good human being. Whats more, you contribute to society during these trying times.

Takeaway: You can now save lives(but not interacting with them).

5. Avoid being in close contact with the sick

Imagine having a cold, runny nose and a cough which feels like someone ripping your lungs off. While being sick like that, your friend(or a stranger/relative) casually comes near you and you hear him/her coughing in the distance. Would that feel nice during a global pandemic?

Not only you risk yourself getting sick with Covid(or other diseases), you risk the sick getting sicker and potentially die or live with a disability.

Takeaway: More likely to stay healthy or not get a worse condition.

6. Clean and Disinfect frequently touched objects and their surface

Last, but not least, clean and disinfect your surroundings. It should be commonsense that to stay healthy, you must clean your humble adobe.

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently used and touched objects like smartphone, tables, door knob and so on will help keep you as healthy as a horse. And is more efficient then cleaning everything every single day. Its also cheaper.

Takeaway: A healthier lifestyle(your future partner would love you more)

To conclude, lead a hygienic life to fend off the virus and maintain social distance. Not only it will keep you safe from Covid but any disease(almost any). If you follow these methods, you are highly likely go unscathed throughout the pandemic. And your normal life afterwards.



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